10 Enchanting Places to Visit in Lonavala

Lonavala is one of the most spectacular hill stations in India, which is about 65kms from Pune and 80kms from Mumbai. Often said as "Jewel of Sahyadri" and also known as "City of Caves", this hill station boasts of a spectacular setting that features lush green valleys, stunning waterfalls, serene lakes, and noteworthy caves. The countless places to go to Lonavala include natural wonders, religious places. Historical attractions and many more never fail to impress the visitors.

This place is a perfect hideout for mountains and monsoon lovers and is a retreat far from the chaos of towns. Want to book a stay at a villa in Lonavala, then contact Weekend Homes, as it offers the best villas in Lonavala.

Here you will get to know about Places to Visit in Lonavala:

1. Bhushi Dam: Revive the splashes of water

Lonavala is built on the Indrayani River and is one of the foremost popular and best places to visit or travel around. Bhushi Dam is one of the picturesque spots and the water running down the dam makes it look stunning down the monsoon. Although jumping in the dam is restricted, the luxurious greens, rugged terrains, and chilly water attract crowds when the rain is pouring down.

Young and old everyone enjoys the speckled and bath in rainwater. If you are planning for a vacation or picnic to spend quality time with your friends and family, water splashes while enjoying the hot teas and pakoras from local stalls. Plan your visits to Lonavala to enjoy nature's beauty. There are bungalows on rent in Lonavala to pamper yourself amidst luxury and nature.

2. Bhaja Caves: Explore the ancient caves

Bhaja Caves is one of the oldest caves in India. Also classified as a national monument of India, as it belongs to the First and Second century BCE. The caves are over 2200 years old.

The best time to visit the Bhaja Caves is in monsoon season as you can relish the greenery around, and the water flowing down in plenty. It's recommended to visit the caves in the evening to get the perfect shot of the caves. You may travel around a zig-zag road to reach the base from Bhaja village.
Ideal for :People who love historical buffs.

3. Karla Caves: Untangle The Buddhist Inscriptions

Karla caves are close to Bhaja Caves and are one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. When you are planning a vacation in Maharashtra, then make sure that you visit Karla Caves in your sojourn, as it is one of the finest places well preserved Hinayana Buddhist Chaitya in India. Karla's caves are similar to Bhaja Caves, as it is one of the oldest caves backdated in the 2nd and 5th century BC.

You will be mesmerized to see the fine motifs, inscriptions, pillars, and 37-pillar aisle at Karla Caves that boasts of over 2000-year old beams, which amongst some are still alive.
Ideal for :People who love ancient historical pillars.

4. Tikona Fort: An old age fort that still attracts many

Tikona Fort, a preferred historical site of the Maratha empire, acquired its name due to its triangular shape and is perched at a height of 1066 meters above water level. Once captured by the Mughals, Shivaji Maharaj regained its control within the 1670s and continued to stay a major fort of the Marathas (who called it Vitandgad) till the reign of Sambhaji.
Perfect for :Trekking and nature-lovers.

5. Rajmachi Fort: Consume the splendid views

The most favored place to visit in Lonavala is Rajmachi Fort. One of the best places which offer stunning scenery. The Best time to visit is during the rainy season. It offers magnificent views of the Western Ghats and Shirota Dam. Some vike freaks ride up to the fort as it rains. Those who love trekking and hiking can visit this place during the monsoon season.

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Ideal for :Hikers, trekkers, groups of friends, photographers, and nature lovers.

6. Pawna Dam: Family Outing Place

Surrounded by forests of Lohagad, Visapur, and Tikona, the picturesque Pawna dam and lake are must-visit places when the town is covered in rain. This is often also one of the foremost lovely places to go to in Lonavala for couples to enjoy strolls around the lake, hiking, and boating together.

Monsoon enhances the freshness and also the fantastic thing about the place and permits you to board the moments of peace. you'll enjoy the day around the dam, relax with family and friends, and check out exciting watersports. It's the simplest place to go in Lonavala in the monsoon.

Things to try near Pawna Dam :Parasailing, jet skiing, and boating.

7. Tungarli Lake: A place made of beauty and serenity

Tungarli Lake is said to be the jewel in the heart of Lonavala in monsoon season. This secret jewel in the heart of Lonavala forms a perfect or flawless spot for a tedious escape from busy schedules.

Bored of hotel stays, then book bungalows in Lonavala at affordable prices. Those who love trekking and camping can visit Tungarli lake. Have a sit on a bridge with an umbrella and let your feet free, as you adore the flourishing backdrop and cold raindrops.
Ideal for :Friends and couples

8. Tiger's Leap: An astonishing Cliff-Top Views

One of the well-liked and primest tourist spots in Lonavala. The cliff got its name because of the resemblance of the shape of a tiger leaping off a valley. The opulent green, eye-soothing views of the valley, misty mornings, and funky breeze make Tiger's Leap one among the foremost beautiful places to go to in Lonavala in monsoon season. Hiking and trekking to the top of the cliff to witness the striking wonders of nature has earned Tiger's Leap a spot on the checklist of tourists and locals alike when visiting Lonavala.

Tiger's Leap could be a prime tourist attraction that sits within the lap of nature at a height of 650 meters above water level. Enjoy the view of the valley and its nearby surroundings. Wondering to stay and relieve your day-to-day hustle here in Lonavala, book bungalows in Lonavala, and see the tourist places in Lonavala.
Perfect for :Nature lovers and photographers

9. Lion's Point: A remarkable Sunset Spot

One of the most mesmeric and frequently visited viewpoints in Lonavala. Roosted off the cliff, the place offers astonishing views of the sunset. If you are planning to visit places in Lonavala then you just cannot skip out the Lion's Point. Lion's point is mostly known for evening and night trekking. It is one of the best places to visit in Lonavala at night for adventure lovers.

The wing at this point is very strong and it was very riveting to see many people get close to the edge to get the best living-on-edge photograph.

Things to do in Lion's Point:enjoy the view and have a camel ride.

10. Duke's Nose: Embrace the top scenic view

Being a hill station, Lonavala has numerous vantage points, and Duke's Nose is an incredible viewpoint that has been named after the Duke of Wellington thanks to the resemblance in shape. This place is additionally called Nagphani as its shape feels like a snake's hood, and at the highest, there's Mahadev Temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva.

Along with impressing nature lovers with its picturesque location, this place with long trails and rocky outcrops also attracts adventure seekers for trekking, hiking, rappelling, hiking, etc. Moreover, it's a famous picnic spot that you simply can visit along with your friends and family for a fun outing. Planning to extend your travel diary to Lonavala, don't worry! There are Lonavala bungalows on rent available to help you extend your journey of exploring!

Wrapping Up:

As of now, you got to know about places to visit in Lonavala. If you are looking for villas in Lonavala, to enjoy your stay with your loved ones and enjoy the scenic view of Lonavala, feel free to contact Weekend Homes. Keep Exploring!

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